NUTS Against Japan


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NUTS War Against Japan

The NUTS – War Against Japan Campaign Book contains enhanced Campaign rules and a selection of historical campaigns that allow you to pick and play any campaign year of World War 2 in the broad Pacific Theater (1941-1945), including the US Island Hopping campaign, Papua New Guinea, and the war in Southeast Asia, including the Burma Campaign.

Inside you'll find:

  • A detailed timeline of the key events of the War in the Pacific, from 1941-1945
  • A Campaign map of the entire Pacific War with details for each major Campaign area so your Star can fight from area to area to meet their objectives and win the War
  • Eighteen Campaigns and two Mini-Campaigns (Chindits and Merrill's Marauders), and twenty one sample scenarios from 1941 to 1945
  • Jungle and Island warfare rules
  • Detailed Army and Vehicle lists for all the combatants of the Pacific War
  • You can play these Campaigns individually or link them together in a grand campaign called “NUTS – Your War."

  • NUTS! War Against Japan Your War, Your Way!