Free Rules!

Free intro to Two Hour Wargames!

Modern, WW2, Medieval, Sci-fi & Fantasy? Zombies too? Yep, all this and much more.

Get a feel for the THW System without committing any hard-earned cash. Learn one set of mechanics; play many games!

Chain Reaction 2023 is a set of man-to-man combat rules that can be played in a variety of periods and with any figures you may already have. No figures? No problem. We've included some generic Counters and a Battle Board to play on.

Chain Reaction 2023, like all THW games covering a variety of genres, is designed to be played solo, cooperatively – all players on the same side – or competitively – head-to-head.

Play it on the tabletop with any figures you may already have. Play it on the Battle Board with the Counters. Want to play WW2, Fantasy or Sci-Fi? Even Zombies? Play it any way you want because after all…

It’s Your Game!

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