NUTS! Weird War and Pulp

Fight the WW2 Weird War or
Live Life in the Roaring ‘20s.  

WW2 on the Weird side. Face hordes of zombies and eldritch horrors in your combat mech –cast spells, duke it out with super soldiers with your electric rifle while flying around with your rocket pack. You can fight any weird foe you can image!


How about living life back in the Roaring ‘20s. As a Private Investigator! Be a PI for hire; find someone, gather “evidence” on someone. There’s a lot you can get paid big bucks for. Like horse racing? How about boxing? You can take that money you make and go to the track or the Ring. Lots to do and don’t get me started on the people you’ll meet.
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NUTS! Weird War

NUTS! Weird War

$14.99 – $29.99