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Pulp PI - Investigator for Hire

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Have a Question?

Sometimes you are not quite sure what´s going on, but something doesn´t feel quite right. Maybe a questionable spouse. Money disappearing.

Hey, I´m not Judging, but when you have a question...

I'm the Answer

PULP PI is Set in the Roaring 20´s and you´ve taken a job. Maybe find someone that´s disappeared. Gather “evidence” against someone. Heck, make sure someone gets from here to there. No matter what it is you´re getting paid, usually big bucks and something on the side if you´re lucky. Take a job, solve the case, get paid.

Oh, And Stay Alive

I mean, it IS the Roaring 20´s. “Scarface” mean anything to you? Inside you´ll find:

  • Quick and Easy Rules to investigate cases, have Fist Fights and, if needed, Gunplay.
  • Easy to follow system to track your PI´s progress.
  • Multiple Professions to differentiate you and the Characters you will come across.
  • All this and much more.

    “So that´s the offer, “ she said. “Take it or leave, it.”
    “I´ll take it. Now when was the last time you saw...”

    Pulp PI

    Questions need answering