NUTS Quick Play


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NUTS Quick Play

Sometimes you want to play a game but are short on time. No miniatures, rulers, or terrain on the tabletop. Something we can set up in about five minutes and get playing.

We still want realistic results and games that are fun to play. Sometimes we don’t want to sweat the details and just want to play the game.

That’s why we’ve made NUTS: Quick Play. It’s a standalone game that is compatible with our miniatures WW2game, NUTS! You can blend them together, move from one to the other with your same Star and Squad. Have plenty of time to play? Use NUTS! Want a quick yet entertaining game? That’s NUTS: Quick Play. 

Inside you'll find:

  • 140 color counters representing American, British, German and Russian Squads with LMGs as well

  • Two color Battle Boards to do your fighting on

  • Rules that are quick and easy yet keep the realistic results of our miniatures NUTS

  • A complete Campaign system that tie your Missions together

  • Start your tour of duty as a Private, Jr. NCO or NCO– lead your own Squad

  • Rise in Rank as you have successful Missions

  • Go Off Campaign, go Carousing and do some Gambling, Companionship and more.

    It’s up to All You and Much More.

Now Pack up Soldier, You Ship Out Today!