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NUTS Hell Hath No Fury

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NUTS Hell Hath no Fury

Hell Hath No Fury is a Tank-centric tabletop miniatures game based on the award-winning NUTS WW2 skirmish game – but with a different focus. What makes it different? Glad you asked. In Hell Hath No Fury you take the role of a “Star” – a Tank Commander. And each member of your tank’s crew has a job, and each job is covered in the rules.

You can play Hell Hath no Fury against your friends, co-op on the same side, or play solo.

Inside you'll find:

  • The same core mechanics used by the NUTS WW2 rules, but Infantry combat has been somewhat abstracted to let you focus on commanding your tanks
  • Rules for all aspects of armored warfare, including special ammo types, penetration as a function of range and target aspect, and more
  • Comprehensive vehicle lists for the major combatants of WW2
  • Stats and counters for a variety of American and German tanks
  • Ten scenarios that will challenge your crew and your decision making
  • An easy to use light bookkeeping Campaign system that links your battles together, where the results of one battle influences the results of the next one
  • Rise in the ranks to command a Platoon or even a Company.

  • NUTS! Hell Hath No Fury - Your War, Your Way