NUTS Compendium Rules that can used in all Theaters


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Any Fight...Anywhere... Any Time

The NUTS Compendium - the perfect compliment to NUTS.

The Compendium contains a series of rules that can enhance and customize your NUTS games and campaigns, allowing you to run scenarios from the blazing hot deserts of North Africa to the frozen steppes of Russia.

We’ve gathered the rules from all the supplements and scenario books and brought them together in one place. Inside you'll find:

  • Updated Character and figure rules, including new NUTS Attributes and morale levels like Plucky and Fanatic
  • Privation, fatigue and Out of Supply rules for when your games get tough
  • Cavalry combat
  • Boat combat and amphibious landings
  • Night fighting
  • Rules for Airborne assaults, Ski troops, K-9 teams and Engineers
  • Enhanced artillery and air strike rules
  • Additional Chocolate & Cigarette lite RPG rules and attributes such as Wheeling & Dealing and Shell Shock
  • Optional vehicle rules, including multi-turreted tanks, top armor attacks, bogging and getting tracked
  • New terrain, weather and environment rules including Desert, Jungle, Alpine and Urban
  • Additional mission and campaign rules


    Any Fight...Anywhere...Any Time. WWII in only two books.