NUTS Platoon Leader


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NUTS Platoon Leader

NUTS Platoon Leader is a series of optional rules for managing your Platoon – the infantry and attached units your Star commands. So while your Star may still be in the thick of the fight, as Platoon Leader you also have to worry about things like resource management, your soldier’s well-being and morale, who to send on the next Mission and who to keep off the Line.

Here's what you’ll find in this guidebook.

  • Platoon Organization & Assets
  • Issuing Orders for the next Mission
  • Basic Platoon Formations
  • Platoon Management
  • Privation & Fatigue
  • Recovery
  • Platoon HQ and Squad tracking sheets
  • You can even suck up to your CO to get better Support for your Platoon - hey, check your ego at the door, your Platoon needs you!

  • NUTS! Platoon Leader - Your War, Your Way!