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NUTS Mission Deck

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NUTS Mission Deck.

The NUTS Mission Deck is a 54-card deck of double-sided cards that speeds up your game by letting you quickly generate your NUTS missions and resolve Potential Enemy Forces and other encounters without consulting tables and making dice rolls. These double-sided cards cover all potential Enemy Forces and Encounters from both the core NUTS book and the NUTS Compendium. Here’s how we do it:

  • When setting up your game, flip a card to determine your next Mission 
  • Draw another card to see if it happens during the Night or Day 
  • Draw one more card to determine the weather -- you can't always fight on a sunny day! 
  • Draw a card and follow the instructions when you encounter a Potential Enemy Force - you may have different results if you're Attacking or on another Mission 
  • If you score some battlefield loot, draw a card to see what you get - from booze to bullets!
  • NUTS! - Mission Deck - Your War, Your Way!