NUTS! Supplement - The Big Hurt


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NUTS - The Big Hurt

Before "The Bulge", there was "The Big Hurt"!

The Hürtgen Forest was the site of America's most costly European battle of World War II. Within its fifty square miles the U.S. suffered more casualties than anywhere else. The Hürtgen Forest was a densely packed hell of tree-bursting artillery and machine gun fire.

It was a trap that the infantrymen of the Allied First Army foolhardily walked into. Virtually unsupported by armor and artillery, the numerically superior American forces would dash themselves against the hardened defenses of Hitler's West Wall. 

 The Big Hurt is a supplement for NUTS! 2nd Edition. Although intended to be played from the American side, The Big Hurt plays just as well from the German side. The Big Hun can be played solo, cooperatively with all players on the same side, or head to head. Packed with 21 linked scenarios, this book covers a variety of small-unit and medium-sized actions through the four months of the Hiirtgen meat grinder. Track down German infiltrators. Raid an enemy outpost.

Capture a dam. It's all up to you.

What will you do when you reach the edge of the Hurt?