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Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir

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Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir.

  • What: Sword and Sorcery Fantasy rules
  • Scale: Man to Man skirmish level
  • Your Role: Lead a small group of Adventurers in a variety of Adventures
  • Playability: Designed for solo, same-side, and head to head play

  • Playable with the counters we’ve included or any minis you may already have. In Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir you explore the Fantasy world of Talomir, home to a wide variety of unique Races. Build your Band with a variety of Characters. Track the progress of your Star, you, with light bookkeeping. Gain rewards when you succeed, suffer penalties when you fail.

    Inside you’ll find:
  • Over 40 unique Races and Nations to play
  • 140 color counters
  • Play on the 2 color Battle Boards that are included or the tabletop
  • A variety of Attributes to make your Characters unique
  • Multiple Character Classes to choose from
  • An easy Campaign Tracking system to see if your Star, you, increases in skill while gaining Fame and Fortune
  • Over a dozen unique Adventures to have; some you choose, some are thrust upon you. All this and much more.

  • Do you have what it takes to be a Hero?

    Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir.

    Your game, play it your way!