5150 Star Army Total War Mechs & Vehicles


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“Star Army, ISS, Planetary Defense Force. The ground pounders…they’re the Anvil. We’re the Hammer. Fast and decisive, we armored boys move in for the kill and before the enemy knows it…Bam! We smash them. The infantry sets them up and we take them down.”

<5150: Star Army – Total War introduced you to the ground pounders. 5150: Star Army – Total War Tanks & Mechs brings in the armor. Being a Tank Commander is the best job ever. Okay, being a Mech Pilot is great too, just a matter of choice. Best job ever…until you’re outnumbered …or face a larger Tank or Mech … or some sneaky Hishen. But I digress.

In 5150: Star Army – Total War Tanks & Mechs you start with one Tank or Mech and in the 3rd Squad. Do well and you can get promoted. How high? The sky’s the limit. Okay, up to Platoon Commander. Still, that’s nine Tanks or Mechs. You’ll be fighting the Hishen Clone Race …or Zhuh-Zhuhs (AKA Monkey Boys) …or maybe Free Company Mercenaries. Anyway, you’ll have plenty to do.

Inside you’ll find:

  • 140 color Tank/Mech Counters to use or play with any miniatures you may have.
  • Stats for over 50 Tanks and Mechs.
  • A variety of Missions and an easy to use Campaign System that ties them all together.
  • A bonus ten Mission pre-made Campaign for you to use.
  • Rules to play it on the Tabletop or the Battle Boards we’ve included.

    All this and much more.

    You’ve shown the Hishen the what for and they are in retreat. Higher up says the war, this war, is almost over. You can’t wait to get some R&R, heck, maybe get sent home, but you know you’ll miss it. You’ll miss it because you’re a Tank Commander. Okay, maybe a Mech Pilot. Still …

  • “BEST. JOB. EVER.”