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5150 Star Army Quick Play

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A compatible quicker play version of 5150 Star Army Total War

We've streamlined the mechanics to get the same results at a quicker speed. Totally compatible with our regular rules, you can move rules in between the games to make it your game.


5150: STAR ARMY TOTAL WAR is a great game. You can lead your Squad against Hishen, Zhuh-Zhuhs, or even go underground and fight some Bugs. But what about when you want to play a Star Army game with little set up time yet still have fun?

5150: STAR ARMY QUICK PLAY is the answer. Quick Play is an easy to use, yet still challenging game, that blends right in with 5150: STAR ARMY – TOTAL WAR. You can use your same Squad between games. You can use Quick and Easy game mechanics in both rules. Use what you like; make it your game.

We’ve provided color cardstock counters of all the Factions. All of them. That and Battle Boards that work with 5150: STAR ARMY TOTAL WAR as well. You can keep the detail, but quicken the game, and still get the great results.