Talomir Tales Core Rules - Distant Shores

Talomir Tales Core Rules  - Distant Shores
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Product Description

Written by Ed Teixeira

Distant Shores includes color card stock counters and Battle Board to get you into the game ASAP!

The Distant Shores have never looked so good!

The City Watch is looking for you and there’s that village Chieftain that thinks he “owes” you one. Add that to the Wizard you kind of cheated out of his cut… well, let’s just say a change of scenery would do you good.

Distant Shores is our Talomir Tales Core Rules book. Talomir is a fantasy world where opportunities await behind every danger. With 30+ different nations you’ll never be short of adventures.

Distant Shores is a stand alone game compatible with our other fantasy titles. Like all our THW games, Distant Shores is made for the solo gamer (no DM required), those that want to play cooperatively against the game, as well as head to head against your friends.

The Core Rules contains a low bookkeeping Campaign to tie your adventures together. A variety of Races, Creatures and Classes makes your Characters unique, as well as an easy to learn, but challenging combat system.

We could go into more detail, but first things first.

You got to get out of town!

WHO: Play as Haldor, a Mirholme Warrior, or create your own Character from 11 different human lists or 18 different Race lists.

WHAT: 16 Scenarios from Carousing in Taverns, Raids, Exploring, Dungeon Diving and 12 more.

WHERE: You can adventure in the countries of Demeskeen, Eskelin, Malohad and Tereken, all with unique potential friends and enemies.


Distant Shores Core Rules Print
Distant Shores Core Rules Print
Distant Shores Full Book - PDF
Distant Shores Full Book - PDF