Road to Ekra - The Core Rules

Road to Ekra - The Core Rules
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To the Death?

Well, not exactly.

But you could die. I mean if you had a bad strategy. (Strategy?! You bet; this ain't just rolling dice.) If you have a bad strategy and some bad luck; well you could die. But you probably won't, you'll just lose. But you could die. But on the way to the Tournaments? Yeah, you could die.

Road to Ekra is two stand alone games, one of jousting at Tournaments of olde and the other Adventures you have on the way to the Tournaments. Inside you'll find:

  • Two color Battle Boards, Counters and Cards used to fight your combats.
  • Ten Encounters that you play as you travel between Tournaments using our Fantasy rules Talomir Tales, included inside.
  • An easy to learn but difficult to master set of jousting rules.
  • Six different races including Elves, Men, Orcs and more.
  • Three different Tournaments with over 100 pre-generated opponents.
  • A low bookkeeping Campaign system that ties all your Tournaments and Encounters together.
  • All this and much more.

    Okay, yes, you really could die, but jousting is all about...

    Fame and Fortune!

    Now go get some!


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    Road to Ekra - PDF
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