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NUTS - Soviet Paratroopers

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NUTS - Soviet Paratroopers

NUTS - Soviet Paratroopers Uncle Vasya's Troops, Nobody But Us!   The Soviet Union was one of the first countries to realize the potential of parachute forces, and experimented with small scale operations in 1927-1929, using parachute troops against bandits in Central Asia.

In WW2 Soviet Paratroopers played an important role in coordinating Partisan activities, operating behind enemy lines – and supporting “Deep Battle” assaults to encircle German units. 

The sourcebook includes:

A history of Soviet Paratroopers
*Unit Lists in NUTS
*How to add them to your campaign, including rules for Air Drops and Partisan operations 
* A mini-campaign for Partisan Operations 
*The Dnieper River campaign and sample scenario