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NUTS Hell Hath No Fury - America's First Fight (Philippines 1941)

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NUTS Hell Hath No Fury - America's First Fight (Philippines 1941)

NUTS Philippines “As we moved up the lead tank was hit and had to get off the road and into a rice patty. The other tanks had to "beat ass out" as there was no way we could get in with no place to go.

Not only was there no place to go, but they were against the odds with so many antitank guns and flamethrowers..”. --Lester Tenney, 192nd Tank Battalion, US Army Hell Hath No Fury – America’s First Fight is a campaign book for the NUTS Hell Hath no Fury tank combat game from Two Hour Wargames.

The campaign is set during the Japanese invasion of the Philippines, starting in December of 1941. The odds are stacked against you – can you make a difference? 

This book includes:

 * Campaign Background Unit Lists Philippines Campaign where you lead platoon or more of US Tanks and AFVs against Imperial Japan
* Three sample scenarios Tank control sheets for the US and Japanese tanks