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NUTS Alaska Scouts & The Aleutian Campaign

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NUTS Alaska Scouts & The Aleutian Campaign

NUTS Alaska Scouts & The Aleutian Campaign “Modern armies have never fought before on any field that was like the Aleutians…We would have to learn as we went along, how to live and fight and win in this new land, the least-known part of America: - Col Dashiell Hammett, author of the Maltese Falcon.

This 25-page NUTS Campaign Book focuses on the “Forgotten Front” of the Aleutian Campaign, a fight against a brutal enemy in brutal conditions that cost as many US casualties as many more well-known Pacific Island battles.

This book provides Aleutian Island Campaign Background and Campaign Rules, the Alaska Scouts as a special unit you can play, and several battle scenarios. 

Inside you'll find:

 * Background of the Campaign & Campaign Map
* The History and Unit Organization of the Alaska Scouts 
* A complete Special Operations campaign and 6 unique maps 
* Terrain and Weather rules 
* A new Battle Board map.