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Warrior Heroes Quick Play

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A compatible quicker play version of Warrior Heros

We've streamlined the mechanics to get the same results at a quicker speed. Totally compatible with our regular rules, you can move rules in between the games to make it your game.


Warrior Heroes Adventures in Talomir, aka WHAT, is a great Sword and Sorcery game. Just enough detail to make it interesting and not overwhelming. But what about when you want to play a game with little setup time yet still have fun?

WHAT quick play is the answer. Quick Play is an easy to use, yet still challenging game, that blends right in with what. You can use your Star and Band Members between games. Quick and easy game mechanics can also be used in both rules. Use what you like, when you like; make it your game.

We’ve provided color card stock Battle Boards that work and some counters just in case you don’t want to use your minis. You can keep the detail, but quicken the game, and still get great results. And like we said, WHAT Quick Play and WHAT are totally compatible.