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City Tiles SciFI :- 5150: New Hope City

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What Are New Hope City Tiles?

It’s a set of 9 double-sided cardboard tiles that has 72 buildings and over 200 potential NPC interactions for your New Beginnings, Urban Re

newal, or Fringe Space games. Heck, you can even use them in your All Things Zombie games or ANY Sci-Fi RPG.

Why Use New Hope City Tiles? 

When adventuring in New Hope City the locales can change pretty quickly. Using the tiles allows for you to move about the city without having to set up terrain for each game. This lets you spend more time gaming and less time setting up terrain.

What's Included?

There are 9 double-sided 6" square tiles that can be laid out any way you like plus one NHC Information Card. The color coded information card allows you to use the same cards, but with 9 variations as to what the buildings are.

This means a "green" building may be a Grocery Store one time and a Bank the next. The cards eliminate the need to search through the rules and roll dice to generate your stories. Now you can move through the city without having to reset the terrain or look up the needed information.

New Hope City Tiles also include rules for using the Battle Board - a 12" section of table that let's you spend more time gain the action with little or no down time.

New Hope City

"Where everyone deserves a second chance."