FNG - Unconventional Warfare

FNG - Unconventional Warfare
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Product Description

Unconventional Warfare is a supplement for FNG - Tour of Duty. You must have TOD to play.

FNG - Unconventional Warfare

UW introduces the “tactical role-playing game” side of FNG. Players can use UW to “flesh out” their characters, giving them an almost life-like feel. UW blends Role-Playing elements with a fast and easy to follow combat system.

Unlike FNG this combat system is on a personal level and truly unique.

Combining these two aspects allows players to enjoy the cinematic aspect of role-playing while keeping the excitement of a miniatures wargame.
UW takes more than firepower to successfully complete your mission. Skill and quick decisions are required if you want to bring your men back alive. And when you think about it, that’s what it’s all about...

Bring your men back alive!

What: Wargame/RPG rules for the Vietnam War.
Scale: Man to man combat. 1 figure equals 1 man; 1 model equals 1 vehicle.
Your Role: Players will command a small team of soldiers.
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

UW can be played with any figures or counters you like.

Inside you’ll find:

  • Rules for infantry combat with over 16 different formations.
  • Four armies to choose from – American, Australian, South and North Vietnamese.
  • Fifty plus unique attributes and skills to personalize your team members.
  • Rules for combat in a variety of situations with over twelve Special Forces specific missions not found inFNG.
  • A minimal bookkeeping Campaign System that gives meaning to every game as the results of one will affect the outcome of the next.

  • Deep in an enemy controlled valley, your six- man Recon Team lies silently in the jungle. Hoping to snatch a prisoner from a well-traveled trail, you watch as a squad of clean cut and well-fed North Vietnamese Army regulars pass slowly along the trail. Close enough to touch, their casual jabber tells you that your presence has yet to be discovered… but for how long?
    The last man in the NVA squad is your target. Your men are well trained and ready to make the snatch. Suddenly his eyes find yours and…

    Welcome to the World of...

    FNG - Unconventional Warfare.


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