Tales of Dread - Supplement for All Things Zombie

Tales of Dread - Supplement for All Things Zombie
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Tales of Dread

What: An ATZ supplement that introduces new types of zombies.
Scale: One figure equals one human or zed.
Your Role: Players try to escape from or kill a variety of zombies. Also the option to be a Zombie Star and play the games from "the other side".
Playability: Designed for solo, same side and head to head play.

ATZ With a Twist!

Youíve played All Things Zombie Final Fade Out before. Maybe youíre looking for something new? Thatís why youíre looking at this supplement.

Youíre used to Zeds; maybe youíve faced Ragers, and or even a Smarty or two. But now get ready for something a little different. Special Zeds; newcomers to the game, and in new places youíve never explored. Welcome to...

Tales of Dread!

Tales of Dread can be played in a variety of ways and contains the following:

  • Rules to add new Classes to your ATZ games.
  • Thirteen new scenarios taking you from the Circus to the Cruise Ship and a bunch of "freaky" places in between.
  • New rules to let you play as a Zombie. But not just any Zombie!
  • A variety of new Zeds from the Brute to the Tumbler.
  • Rules for playing as a Zombie Star and much more....

  • Wait; did you say play as a Zombie?"

    Thatís right; now you can play as a Zombie. Not just any Zombie; a Zombie Star. Letís just say itís not what you think it is.
    Oh yeah, and one more thing.

    Youíre not afraid of Clowns, are you?


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