Mass Hysteria - Complete Zombie Game

Mass Hysteria - Complete Zombie Game
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How it got to this point no one knows. All you need to know is that after the outbreak, the City was divided into areas. The plan was to defend the important areas first, stop the zombies, then take back the unimportant areas. Which areas were important was hotly debated, but thatís the plan and you are in command of the forces defending one of these areas.

Whatís happening in other areas of the city? You donít know and actually, donít care. Your job is simple; save human lives, kill zombies, and secure your area. If everyone does their job, we save the City. If they donít, the City is lost and what happens next you donít want to think about.


Where All Things Zombie Ė Final Fade Out is a one figure/one man kind of game, Mass Hysteria deals with units. Units composed of civilians, police and the military, all fighting shoulder to shoulder against the advancing undead, formerly their neighbors and friends. But not all units are created equal and itís your job to organize them into a unified fighting force. Inside Mass Hysteria youíll find:

  • Zombie fighting at the unit level.
  • Mass Hysteria can be played with miniatures or with the three sheets of color counters representing civilians, police, military and zombie forces as well as city blocks which youíll fight to control.
  • Six interlocking Missions that take you from the beginning of the outbreak to the last Mission, the Final Fade Out.
  • Two campaigns that move you from Mission to Mission depending upon your success or failure.
  • Rules to blend Mass Hysteria with All Things Zombie Ė Final Fade Out.

  • Groups of soldiers, armed civilians and police officers; you see it in their faces as they walk by. The realization that if they donít stop the zombies, who will? Thereís been no word from the Government in days, the refugee camps are growing larger, and food is running short. People are already leaving the City and you wonder if itís worth another try. Maybe this time itíll be different. Maybe this time, they can stop the hordes and bring hope to the City. Maybe a much-needed victory before all thatís left is...


    Mass Hysteria is a stand-alone game and you do not need All Things Zombie Ė Final Fade Out to play it.


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    Mass Hysteria - PDF
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