Jewel of Murinae

Jewel of Murinae
Item# Jewel

Product Description

It seemed to be a good idea last night at the Boar’s Breath Tavern. As you watched the serving wench pocket your last Gold Talos you realized you were broke…again. That’s when you remembered the Wizard who had offered you a job when you first got into town.

“Nothing difficult, mind you,” the Wizard had said. “Just enter this decrepit temple over off Larkspur and lift this jewel from a statue. Not even sure if it’s open any more. I mean, worshiping the God of Frugality isn’t exactly popular.”

Lucky for you the Wizard still needed the job done. So gathering a couple of “acquaintances” the three of you broke into the temple.

And that’s how you found yourself running over the roof tops in the dark, dodging sling shots and being chased by screaming Ratmen.